Best war movies of the 2000s

Best war movies of the 2000s: Ranked Most of the war movies are released in the 2000’S. On September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda attacked the US. This has lasted for twenty years. It may be the reason why there are lots of movies on the genre of war in the new millennium. Here is the list of war movies given below.

  1. American Sniper (2014):Best war movies American Sniper is one of the best war movies of the 2000s. It is the true story of an American Sniper who serves in the U.S. Navy SEAL. The story revolves around a sniper Chris Kyle. He is one of the most dangerous snipers in American history. The story is about Kyle’s last duty where his clarity and accuracy with a rifle make him a war hero and also a target of the enemy soldiers.     
  2. Lone Survivor (2005):Best war movies Lone Survivor is one of the best war movies which is based on the war events in Afghanistan. The movie is about a surveillance mission of the Navy SEAL to Afghanistan. The decision which is decided by themselves becomes a deadly trap. The natives in Afghanistan alert the Taliban about the soldier’s invasion and the presence of the SEALs. After that, all of the Navy SEALs were dead because of the shortage of their weapon. Except for the one soldier, everyone has died. The remaining story revolves around the Lone Survivor about how he manages to escape from there.

  3. Zero Dark Thirty (2013):Best war movies Zero Dark Thirty is about the true story of an operative who locates Osama bin Laden. After he finds him the Navy SEAL did a nighttime strike in his compound to kill him in Pakistan. This movie is one of the top 9/11 of all time.

  4. 12 Strong (2018):Best war movies of the 2000s 12 Strong is about the story of the war events in Afghanistan. The American special forces join hands with the Northern alliance to take down the Al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives. Like the other war movies, the American soldiers were outnumbered by the enemies. Then the story revolves around the hardships of the remaining soldiers who try to accomplish their mission.

  5. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016):Best war movies After eleven years of the September 11 attacks, the US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith were attacked in the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi by the Islamic militants. This movie is also related to the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath. 13 Hours, is about a small security team who was given a task to save the diplomats and operatives who survives the attack. The soldiers in 13 Hours engaged in fierce combat to save the Americans

  6. The Hurt Locker (2008): Best war movies of the The Hurt Locker is one of the best movies on U.S. forces in Iraq post 9/11 and is the best view of all time. The story is about a new leader William James who was replaced after the death of a respected sergeant. But problems were arises under the supervision of James. How William approaches war differently is the remaining story.

  7. Green Zone (2010):Best war movies Green Zone is also related to the 9/11 movie streamed on Netflix. The movie is about the mission of finding Iraq’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Chief warrant officer Roy Miller and his team were given a task to locate them. Matt Damon is the protagonist of the movie.

  8. Restrepo (2010):Best war movies Restrepo is an unique movie about U.S forces in Afghanistan. Apart from the other middle east war movies, it is very unique. The story is about photographer Tim Hetherington and Journalist Sebastian Junger who went to document the day-to-day happenings of the second platoon, battle company, and 173rd Airborne Brigade and navigates the realities of the terror in a war zone.

  9. The Valley of Elah(2007): Best war movie The Valley of Elah is based on a true story. This movie is about an American detective, who assists to find the missing son of a retired Army Sergeant. This movie includes the themes of post-traumatic disorder, abuse of prisoners, and war.

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