Top 10 scary movies in the world 2022


Top 10 scary movies in the world 2022:-People are still in the mood of Halloween. The spooky season hangover is still on . So this could be the perfect time to watch all the scary movies out there. Hollywood is famous for making some amazing horror movies and I think everyone should watch them once in a lifetime. I guess many of you have already watched them not only once but more than once but I have made a list of Top 10 scary movies in the world for everybody out there. I hope you enjoy them all. A suggestion for weak hearted people please avoid watching them alone.

So let’s not waste any more word and get started.

1.The Exorcist (1973) :-One of the mother movies of horror genre, this movie was released in 1973. The kids of today’s generation might not enjoy this movie a lot, but I suggest you to watch it at least once.

Top 10 Scary Movies

A young boy is summoned by demons and his mother is very much worried about him. Various people are called to make a cure for him. And what happens then? For that you have to watch the movie. You can watch it with family or alone too in a room totally dark.

2. The Conjuring (2013):-
Every movie lover must have listened to the name of this movie. Being one of the most popular horror movies in the world , it has gained widespread coverage and reactions.

Top Scary movies

This movie is directed by James Wan who is popular for making this kind of movies. The story of the movie leads to an investigation led by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. This couple was famous for their work in this field. When a newly shifted family started to feel queer things their mother sought their help. The crafting of the movie is amazing and so is the sound effects. And what happened in the end? Go and watch it!

3. It (2017) :
One of the most popular scary movies of all time.

world 2022

This movie was released in 2017. And became the highest grossing scary movie by beating The Exorcist. It was a box office hit as you can see but a also a different type of horror movie with a clown named Pennywise. A group of children goes out to seek the reason of missing of one of the kid’s brother and leads to something else. It has a sequel as well but not as hit as it is.

4. Insidious:-
Here comes another amazing delivery by the director of The Conjuring, called The Insidious.Top 10 scary movies

James Wan didn’t disappoint with this movie too. This genre of Wan is something fans really die to watch out there. The speciality of this movie is it never fails to create the feeling of suspense and thrill at any moment. Patrick Wilson and James collaborate here too. The whole is movie will give you more tension something disturbing feeling but you will enjoy it.

5. Midsommer-?:-
This movie is very unique in every way possible. It could be categorized as a psychological thriller.Top 10 scary movies

Florence Pugh stars in the movie. A group of friends arrive at countryside where they see various types of rituals has been happening. Soon the story rolls and the things take different turns. Ending is not something you can expect as normal. It delivers you a feeling of horror and scares you at the same time.

6. Halloween (1978):-
This movie was released in 1978. The screaming is on.Top 10 scary movies

Jamie Lee Curtis delivered an amazing performance here. This movie has two sequels and the last one was released this year. In that time this kind of a movie was not a normal thing but today is. For that fans always praises it’s importance even after so many years.

7. The Shining:-
The brilliance of one of the greatest actors of all time is seen here he is none other than Jack Nicholson.Top 10 scary movies

Director Stanley Kubrick yet again didn’t disappoint. The movie is so amazing and inspiring that till date so many movies and TV shows are made taking inspiration from it. The cinematography of the movie is outstanding and the sound effects too. For the story you have to watch it yourself.

8. The Poltergeist O1982):-
Directed by Tobe Hooper this movie was released in 1982.Top 10 scary movies

This is a different type of movie . Not a typical one as I can say. The feeling of horror and scare will not let you sit in peace. This movie is loved by fans for over the years and for those who haven’t seen it can put it in their watch list for sure.

9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:-
Another masterpiece from Tobe Hooper. This movie could be devastating to watch.Top 10 scary movies

There’s a lot of blood and violence. So not suggested for everyone. Though this was released in 1974 it still have an impact on the upcoming generations. The movie won’t give you peace for once. But you can still enjoy it if you love this genre.

10. The Silence of the Lambs:-
In one word this movie is amazing. With records of several Oscar wins this movie was a theoretical hit too.Top 10 scary movies Jodie Foster deliverd an amazing performance. The story is about finding a serial killer with the help of another. The ending is unexpected. So put all your strength together and watch it.

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